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Lil' Drac the orphaned baby bat

This is such a soothing, sweet video of volunteers at Bat World Sanctuary carefully and tenderly caring for a tiny orphaned short-tailed fruit bat, whom they came to name 'Lil' Drac.'  According to the video, his mother was rescued after a zoo closed, but "the stress of the transfer caused her to abandon her baby," which apparently isn't uncommon: 

I'm grateful to a couple of friends for sharing this video on Facebook the other night (thank you Kris and Alissa).  After wading through some tough days of late, when it's easy to forget what drew me to this work, watching it was such a simple and moving reminder of God's great love and care for even His smallest creatures, and demonstrated by some very gentle and compassionate caretakers.  And the piano accompaniment from Brian Crain is perfect.

(screenshot from "BatWorldSanctuary Lil Drac" video posted by Bat World Sanctuary)

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Reader Comments (1)

What a cute video. I never thought of bats as being cute! :)

Neal Lacy
United Call Center

Nov 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNeal Lacy

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